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Welcome to Nehru Zoological Park, and its sylvan settings. The Zoo is abutting the historic miralam Tank bund, a 200 year old, World's first multi arch masonry dams. The Zoo spreads over 380 Acres and was established on 6th October, 1963.

This is the first Zoo in India to have animals arranged in Zoological order, in open enclosures. Such open enclosures, in near natural ambience, makes the animals feel "at home". This helps in their breeding, and facilitates study on animal behaviour. No wonder, the Zoo has bred successfully several indigenous animals like Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tigers (Yellow & White), Panthers, Indian Rhino, Gaur, Several primates, Bears, Deers, Antelopes, Birds, Reptiles etc. Exotic animals like Giraffe, Iguanas, and Chimpanzee have also successfully bred here.

While Animals like Blackbuck, Spotted Deer, Peafowl, Crocodiles, etc which have been bred in the Zoo have been rehabilitated in the sanctuaries and National Parks of the State.

The Zoo is proud possessor of a large variety of animal species exceeding 160. The No. of animals on display is over 1400.


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