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From The Curator's Desk

Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad is one of the first zoos in the Country to display the animals in open moat enclosures with no barriers in between the visitors and the animals. The zoo was established with this concept and was opened to public viewing on 06.10.1963. Since then the zoo kept on adding new facilities. The Lion Safari Park which was established in 1974 and Nocturnal Animal House established in the year 1982 were first of its kind in the country.

At Present this zoo is displaying animals belonging to over 160 species numbering 1468. This zoo during the recent times received Common Marmosets, Spoon Bills from Alipore Zoo, Kolkata. Pig Tailed Macaque, Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard Cats from Sipahijala Zoo, Tripura and Mouse Deers from Sri Venkateshwara Zoological Park, Tirupati, Rhinoceros from Patna Zoo, Gaur and Wolf from Mysore Zoo, King Cobra from Mangalore Zoo.

Lately most of the animal enclosures and visitor facilities were revamped. Efforts were made to make the zoo a plastic free area, A Plastic regulation counter was opened at the entrance gate which provides paper bags in place of polythine bags. Additional booking counters, Visitors Shelters, resting areas were created for the visitors.

This Zoo is spread over an area of 380 acres and a visitor finds it difficult to see all the enclosures in one day on foot. Therefore bicycles were introduced in the zoo, and the visitors can hire these bicycles and can go around the zoo Battery Operated Buggies were also introduced. This is helping the visitors in seeing the zoo fully without much strain.


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